Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair with Cushion Seat

Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair with Cushion Seat

Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair with Cushion Seat

Product: 18 Inch Seat height Folding Chair, Quantity 1, Color: Black. Designed by Streetup India. The Chair’s Length is 52 cm (Side to Front), Breath 46 CM and total Height is 83 CM. Chair seat Length is 44 cm. You can fold this chair easily. These chairs are typically equipped with two horizontal and supportive metal rungs, one is welded between the front legs and other the rear legs. Chair is designed by Streetup India. Streetup India is Manufacturer of this chair. Previous 2 years Streetup India providing best chair in lowest price. In this chair heigh quality and strong metal used. Product’s all parts are designed with proper Die, Hydraulic Press and frame. All parts are assembled with proper screw and repeat. During seating you can trust on this chair because this chair parts never bend and crack. Streetup India is registered brand. Streetup India wins the customer trust so we are not compromise in quality errors.

Features of the Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair:

  • This Chair Can be Folded Easily – You can easily set up and take down these chair. That fold flat and compact for easy to storage.
  • Simple To Carry – You can move these chair from door to door/room to room without any marking or damage of the floor.
  • 18 Inch Seating Height – The chair designed in standard size 18 Inch Seating Height for all age. Any people any size can use this chair for Seating.
  • Designed by Streetup India – Streetup India is a registered brand who expert to design foldable chair. We do not compromise with any quality. We designed this chair in lightweight with strong & durable metal. This chair capacity is carry Upto 150 KG.
  • Perfect Dimension – Chair’s Length is 52 cm (Side to Front), Breath 46 cm (Side to Side) and total Height is 83 cm (Floor to Top). Chair’s seat Length is 35 cm.
  • Fully Foldable – Chair is designed in fully foldable. After fold this chair dimension will be Length 97 cm, Breath 46 cm and Height 7 cm.
  • Rexine Seat for More Comfortable – Chairs’ seat frame made with metal material and after that fit cushion with Rexine covering on seat with proper design. During seating you can feel this cushion very comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the chair easy to fold and unfold?

Yes, the Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair is designed to be easily folded and unfolded for convenient storage and transportation.

2. Can the chair be used in different rooms?

Absolutely! You can move this chair from door to door or room to room without worrying about marking or damaging the floor.

3. What is the seating height of the chair?

The chair is designed with a standard seating height of 18 inches, suitable for people of all ages and sizes.

4. How much weight can the chair support?

The Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair is built with strong and durable metal, capable of supporting up to 150 KG.

5. What are the dimensions of the chair?

The chair’s length is 52 cm (side to front), breath 46 cm (side to side), and total height is 83 cm (floor to top). The seat length is 35 cm.


The Streetup India 18 Inch Folding Chair with Cushion Seat is the perfect addition to any home, kitchen, study, restaurant, or cafe. Its foldable design allows for easy setup and storage, while its comfortable cushion seat provides a pleasant seating experience. With its durable metal construction and stylish black color, this chair is built to last and will complement any decor. Trust in Streetup India’s commitment to quality and enjoy the convenience and comfort of this versatile folding chair.