Rubbermaid 1889863 Collapsible X-Cart Cover – 150L Model Black

Rubbermaid 1889863 Collapsible X-Cart Cover – 150L Model, Black

Rubbermaid 1889863 Collapsible X-Cart Cover – 150L Model, Black

Protect your Rubbermaid 1889863 Collapsible X-Cart with this convenient and durable cover. The cover is designed specifically for the 150L model in black. It is made from high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting use.

Convenient Storage

The cover features multiple built-in storage pockets on each side. These pockets allow you to keep frequently used cleaning tools and supplies within reach. No more searching for items or having to carry them separately. Everything you need can be conveniently stored in the pockets of the cover.

Quick Access

The cover is equipped with a Quick-Access-Lid that provides easy access to the contents inside the cart. You no longer need to remove the cover completely to retrieve items from the cart. The lid securely closes with Velcro trim, ensuring that your items are protected and secure.

Secure Fit

The cover is designed to fit tightly onto the Collapsible X-Cart frame. It features a drawstring that allows you to tighten the cover and ensure a secure fit. The cover will stay in place even during transportation or when the cart is in use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this cover fit other models of the Rubbermaid Collapsible X-Cart?
  • No, this cover is specifically designed for the 150L model of the Rubbermaid Collapsible X-Cart. It may not fit other models properly.

  • Is the cover waterproof?
  • The cover is water-resistant, but not completely waterproof. It will provide some protection against light rain or splashes, but it is not recommended for heavy rain or submerging in water.

  • Can the cover be machine washed?
  • Yes, the cover can be machine washed. Follow the care instructions provided to ensure proper cleaning and maintenance.


The Rubbermaid 1889863 Collapsible X-Cart Cover is a must-have accessory for anyone using the 150L model. It provides convenient storage for cleaning tools and supplies, easy access to the contents of the cart, and a secure fit to protect your items. Invest in this cover to enhance the functionality and durability of your Rubbermaid Collapsible X-Cart.