HUASEN Wireless Microphone System

HUASEN Wireless Microphone System

HUASEN Wireless Microphone System

HUASEN U-508 handheld wireless system combines professional-quality sound with simple setup and an intuitive interface for excellent audio performance right out of the box. The cardioid polar pattern is effective against off-axis noise causing feedback and unwanted ambient noise. The dual antenna design represents diversity technology which provides optimum resistance against RF interference and drop-out. The working distance of U-508 is about 200Ft/60m in the wide-open area. It gives you stable signal transferring and great freedom of movement. A multifunction LCD display provides room for flawless operation by displaying the group, channel number, RF and AF levels clearly. Note: Please make sure there is a 6.35mm mic input on your device before connecting the HUASEN wireless microphone to it. Ideal for the family home KTV, church, parties, Karaoke singing, conferences and etc.

Advanced Central Control System

The unit is adopted with a 32-bit high-speed microprocessor, quick response, and strong stability.

Strong Anti-Interference

The dual-channel wireless system is adopted with the newest RDS digital Pilot technology. RDS tech sets an exclusive ID to each mic, minimizing the signal interference, and avoiding cross frequency.

Outstanding noise-cancelling function and ultra-long movement distance

Adopting auto noise-canceling technology to effectively eliminate noise like on/off the operating sound. You can hear clearer and more crisp sounds than usual. In an open environment, the maximum working range can reach 100m, which provides you with great freedom to move in any place. That means within the effective range, you can move freely under a stable signal to sing moving songs or give powerful speeches.

Build to last

High-quality external material-wireless microphone system is all made of shiny alloy structure, sturdy and durable, resistant to impact. Internal low energy consumption structure—dual boost circuit can keep the transmitter performance stable even under low battery, the maximum current is only 100mA.

Intimate after-sales service

Products with brand authentic logos can be provided with a one-year free warranty period. If you have any quality complaints or other questions, the brand after-sales team will be at your service at any time. Please contact the customer service staff through the following procedures. We will reply to your letter within 24 hours. (Clicking “Sold by HUASEN Audio” and then clicking “ask a question” to leave a message for us.)